Cheap Outdoor and External Tiles

The Tile Factory Outlet, based in Maroochydore, offers a huge range of discounted tiles including cheap outdoor tiles, suitable for patios, pool areas and other external applications. All our tiles have a best price guarantee so you can be certain that you are receiving the best price possible when you visit our showroom. Check out our gallery to get an idea of the range of colours and styles that we carry.

We have a professional team of consultants that have been working in the industry for a long time and who can assist you in selecting the best style and colour to suit your application. While we do not provide installation services, we do carry all the required tools, accessories, glues and mixers required to install the tiles yourself – you’ll find more information about that here.

Majority of our stock is held on-site, so in most cases, you’ll be able to take your tiles home with you straight away without the need to order them in. We do provide a delivery services as well if required. Due to our cheap prices and huge range, we receive new deliveries of stock every day – so the best way to find out exactly what we have available is to visit our Maroochydore showroom.

External Tiles vs Internal Tiles

The Tile Factory Outlet carries both cheap external and internal tiles and it is important to note that each variety of tile serves a different purpose. The difference between internal and external floor tiles is that external floor tiles are typically slip-rated. Slip-rated tiles are essential for outdoor use, especially near a pool, as they’ll prevent you and your loved ones from falling over when they get wet. When cleaning external floor tiles, we recommend using a hose or a gurney as these will tear a mop apart due to the slip rating.

We’ve got a huge selection of slip-rated external floor tiles, including timber and concrete-look tiles. Whether you’re trying to match your outdoor furniture, or are simply looking for a complimentary colour to emphasise your surrounding greenery, we’ve got the tiles for you!

Visit our Maroochydore Showroom

Visit the Maroochydore Tile Factory Outlet showroom to see our full range of cheap outdoor tiles and speak with one of our consultants.

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Amalfi Gris

Amalfi Antracita

Amalfi Beige

Amalfi Blanco


Ardesia Bone

Ardesia Grey


Greta Charcoal

Greta Grey

Greta Latte

Greta White


Flicka Dark Grey

Flicka Light Grey

Flicka White


Frammenti White

Frammenti Ash

Frammenti Pearl

French Pattern

Terra Cenere

Terra Grigio

Terra Cotto

French Ural

French Siena Beige


Hawkesbury Natural


Jakarta Charcoal

Jakarta Grey

Jakarta Mocha

Jakarta White


Kari Beachwood

Kari Blondewood

Kari Ironwood

Kari Sandalwood


Klondike Bianco

Klondike Grigio


Krome Mist

Krome Smoke

Krome Cement

Krome Ash


Livingstone Black

Livingstone Grey

Livingstone Ivory

Livingstone Supreme


MB3 Cenere

MB3 Ematite

MB3 Ghiaccio


Majorelle Anthracite

Majorelle Beige

Majorelle Grey

Majorelle Ivory

Majorelle Taupe


Muse Grey

Muse Metal


Novastone Nero

Novastone Grigio

Novastone Crema


Pavement Bianco

Pavement Mid Grey

Pavement Charcoal


Pietra Bone

Pietra Dark Grey

Pietra Mist


Plantation Charcoal

Plantation Cream

Plantation Dark Grey

Plantation Light Grey

Plantation White

Plantation Light Grey

Plantation Crema Hex

Plantation Dark Grey Hex


Quarrazzo Ice Snow

Quarrazzo Gold Coast

Quarrazzo Silver Pearl

Quarrazzo Night Sky


Reverso Bianco

Reverso Grigio

Reverso Noce

Reverso Nero


Riverstone Black

Riverstone Dark Grey

Riverstone Light Grey

Riverstone White


Stoneage Ice

Stoneage Earth

Stoneage Steel

Stoneage Onyx


Sidewalk Pearl


Sidewalk Platinum



Subway Ash

Subway Clay

Subway Smoke

Subway White


Dalgarve Cotto


Thor Black

Thor Grey

Thor Mushroom

Thor White

Timber Look

Timber Avorio

Timber Bianco

Timber Grigio

Timber Maronne

Timber Nero

Woodline Driftwood

Woodline Vintage Brown

Woodline Walnut Grey

WOW Autumn

WOW Summer

WOW Winter

Kari Beachwood

Kari Blondewood

Kari Ironwood

Kari Sandalwood

Gems Fumee

Gems Bianco

Gems Agata

Gems Quarzo

Blackbutt Grey

Blackbutt Charcoal

Blackbutt White

Blackbutt Decor

Destressed Blanc

Destressed Charcoal

Destressed Wood

Jungle Washed

Jungle Coastal

Jungle Silver Mist

Jungle Char Oak

Amazon Sand

Amazon Mocha

Amazon Light Grey

Amazon Dark Grey

Bologna Grey

Bologna Natural

Bologna Pecan

Bologna Storm

Bologna White

Vintage Whitewashed

Vintage Dark

Vintage Light

Vintage Dark

Oak Avorio

Oak Grey

Oak Maroon

Oak Natural

Oak White


Vogue White

Vogue Light Grey

Vogue Tortora

Vogue Grey

Washed Crete

Washed Crete Bianco

Washed Crete Grey

Washed Crete Cotto

Washed Crete Dark Grey


Wingham Charcoal

Wingham Grey

Wingham White


Woodline Driftwood

Woodline Vintage Brown

Woodline Walnut Grey