Tile Factory Outlet:
Frequently Asked Questions for DIY Tiling

We’ve compiled some of the most common questions we receive from our customers. If it’s your first time tiling or and are unsure about the different tile varieties as well as the best options for certain applications, then we’re sure some of the answers to these questions are bound to help you out. If there’s anything further we can help you with, get in touch with us at 07 5443 2297

What is the difference between a cushion or pressed edge and a rectified edge?

Rectified edges are perfectly square, as opposed to cushion edged tiles which are perfectly round. Wider grout joints should be used for the variation these tiles offer. Minimum grout joint for these tiles is 3mm, per Australian standards. Some tilers won’t deal with rectified edge tiles, so check with your tiler before you purchase.

What is an economy tile?

An economy tile of first grade is fully tested and proved to be of high quality and commercial grade. It is selected to the same standards as a first grade material except for any glazing imperfections on the surface of the tile. These are rejected due to commercial quality (e.g. glaze drops, surface imperfections, size and shape can also vary). All tiles will be of first grade quality unless marked, all discounted products will be marked. These are great money-savers as the imperfect tiles tend to be used as off-cuts that won’t be seen anyway, and not all the tiles in the pallet will have imperfections.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do! Although pricing will vary, typically local delivery is $110 per pallet, this option includes an all-terrain forklift driver who can drop your pallet in your yard if you so choose. Please keep in mind that your location, and pallet sizes vary, so will prices.

Can you help me choose a tile?

Absolutely! With years of experience in the industry, we can help you select the perfect tile to suit your needs, including type, colour and sizing to suit your décor!

I want to come to the showroom, what should I bring with me?

While bringing a sample or photo of a specific tile you’re after can be of help to us, you don’t need to bring anything with you. Keep in mind that you should factor in 10% wastage on top of your required amount.

How long does it take to get my tiles?

If we have the tiles in stock at our outlet, we can load it up for you on the same day! As most of our suppliers are located in Brisbane, most orders of a tile that we don’t have in stock can be completed by the end of the week, or sooner if you are happy to pay for the individual freighting of the tiles. Please keep in mind that some of our feature tiles are made to order, and may take 2-3 weeks to come in.

Why are your tiles so cheap?

We order tiles in large volumes and try to take the last batches off a wholesaler to ensure lower prices. Many of our competitors will label the exact same tile we stock as something else (we get our tiles from the same wholesaler!), and we are happy to price match these tiles.

Do you supply everything I need to lay my tiles?

We supply all materials required for tiling from start to finish, including: waterproofing, grout, glue, screed and silicone. We also supply all the accessories necessary to tile your home and we have a great section on our website for the DIY renovator where you can watch videos on how to lay your tiles.

I’ve bought a pallet of tiles and they’re cracked, what can I do?

If your tiles were recently purchased from us and upon opening the pallet, you’ve found that some of your tiles are cracked, get in touch with us and we’ll sort out the replacement of your tiles.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept EFTPOS, cash and direct transfer. Cheques and American Express are not available as payment.

Do I need to pay the full amount upon ordering the tiles?

No. If you are ordering tiles (as opposed to purchasing tiles and loading them up on the same day), a 50% deposit will suffice, with the remainder due upon collection of items or prior to delivery.

What are your showroom hours?

We are open from 7:30AM – 5PM on weekdays and 9AM – 1PM on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays.

Do you price match on tiles?

We’re more than happy to price match on tiles identical to ones that we have on hand, however, our tiles are priced so aggressively that we doubt you’ll find a better deal anywhere else.

Do you offer installation

We unfortunately do not offer installation of your tiles. We do, however, offer some useful online resources for the first-time tiler, and we can also recommend a tiler for you when you come in store.