Sunshine Coast Tile Factory Outlet:
Discounted Tiles for Renovators and Builders

About Us

Tile Factory Outlet have been selling tiles cheaper than anywhere on the Sunshine Coast else since 2005. We get our tiles from the same factories that other major retailers do, but we’ll quite often sell them for more than 50% less. If you’re a first time DIYer, we’re more than happy to help you find the right tile, along with providing all the accessories and materials to get the job done right the first time. Take a look at some of the tiles that’ll transform your house.

Lowest Price

We quite often find other tile retailers selling the same tile under a different name, to avoid price-matching our aggressive price-point. If you’re chasing a good deal on tiles, you can be sure to find it at the Tile Factory Outlet, along with all the necessary materials to complete the job. Check out some of our latest specials on offer!

Our Showroom

The beauty of having a tile showroom with plenty of excess stock is that you can walk out the door with your tiles on the same day. We’ve got a huge showroom with displays to help you find the right tile for your project. If you’re a little hesitant on what tile to choose, our experienced staff are more than happy to evaluate your needs and help you find the perfect tile for your circumstances. Visit our showroom and see what we have in stock.

Our Products

Main Floor Tiles

Traditional interior floor tiles are non-slip rated and are suited to living room and kitchen floors.

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We’ve got a wide range of slip rated exterior floor tiles, from traditional tiles to wood and concrete-look tiles.

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Looking for an interior tile more suited to bathroom décor? We’ve got tiles to complement your style.

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Our splashback designs can blend into your kitchen and bathroom design, or bring a dull room to life.

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We’ve got a selection of feature tiles, including hand-crafted mosaic designs that’ll leave visitors envious of your home.

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Stone Look

Stone-look porcelain floor and wall tiles for interiors and exteriors reimagine the raw beauty and allure of stone without the maintenance.

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See Our Specials

Terrazzo Promenado White Matt


Luminous Light Grey Matt 300×600


Perla White Matt 600×600


Maximo White Matt 600×600