Affordable Feature Tiles

The Tile Factory Outlet has a huge range of affordable features tiles, suitable for a range of different applications including kitchens, bathrooms, splashbacks, external and main flooring. We also try to offer a best price guarantee, ensuring that our tiles are the most affordable tiles available on the Sunshine Coast.

Due to us receiving new deliveries of tiles every day, the best way to find out what stock we currently have available is to visit our Maroochydore showroom. You can also check out our gallery page to see how some of our customers have worked our affordable features tiles into their own projects. For more information about our products and services, view our FAQs page or give us a call on 07 5443 2297 to speak with one of our consultants.

Huge Range of Feature Tiles

Feature tiles generally have a pattern or design on them, including mosaic tiles. They are often used sparingly throughout large tiled areas as well as for small tiled areas such as splashbacks. They add character and colour to a room and come in both matte and shine options.

Tile Factory Outlet carry a wide range of different feature tiles, all for affordable prices, in great selection of colours, patterns, shapes and sizes. A lot of our stock is available on-site and can be purchased and picked up on the same day, however we do carry some ranges that are hand-crafted and as such, may need to be ordered in with a 2-3 week turnaround.

Visit our Maroochydore Showroom

Visit the Maroochydore Tile Factory Outlet showroom to see our full range of affordable feature tiles or to speak with one of our consultants.

Please see below, just a taste of what’s in store…

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Illusion Blue

Illusion Grey

Illusion Mint

Illusion Pink

Illusion Spray

Illusion White


Luna Azul Gloss



luna snow

luna verde

Agadir Agua

Agadir Niebla

Agadir Piedra

Agadir Selva

Omega Azul Blue

Omega Grafito Charcoal

Omega Perla White

Solstice Steel Blue

Solstice Sand Bone

Solstice Clay Cotto

Solstice Dove Grey

Solstice Cotton White


Fingers White

Fingers Black

Fingers Light Blue Speckle

Fingers Dark Blue Speckle

Fingers Light Grey Speckle

Fingers Beige Speckle

Kit Kat

Bamboo Grey

Bamboo Opal

Bamboo Jade

Bamboo Mint

Bamboo White

Kit Kat Gloss Black

Subway Series

Tomorrow Series

Spruzzi Series

Ciccio Series

Rail Series

Raw Wavy Series

Harrington Wavy Series

Candy Series

Depth Series

Regal Series

Wichetty Series

Sorbet Series

Raw Frame Series

Harrington Frame Series

Pathway Subway Series

Season Subway Series

Casa Series

Echo Series

Bella Vita Series

Versos Series

100X300mm SUBWAY





Subway Wall


Bevel Edge White

Bevel Edge Black

Chanel Turchese

Chanel Sabbia

Chanel Bianco

Chanel Verde

Chanel Verde Scuro

Chanel Rosa Scuro

Chanel Blu

Spruzzi Apple Green

Spruzzi Greige

Spruzzi Red

Spruzzi Robin’s Egg Blue

Spruzzi Sage

Spruzzi Turquoise

Spruzzi White

Mazimus Half White

Maximus Full White

Maximus Savannah

Maximus Vanilla

Maximus Graystone

Maximus Clay

Maximus Seagrass

Maximus Lagoon

Depth Bianco Gloss

Depth Blu

Depth Grafite

Depth Grigio

Depth Perla

Fracture Grigio

Fracture Nero

Fracture Verde Acqua

Fracture Blue Notte

Tomorrow Dark Blue

Tomorrow Gun Metal

Tomorrow Steel Blue

Tomorrow Cloud

Tulip Cotto

Tulip Grey

Tulip Mint

Lily Grey

Lily Beige

Lily Rustic Blue


Sherry Black

Sherry Smoke

Sherry Dusty Pink

Sherry Matcha

Sherry Ash Blue

Sherry Pine Green

Sherry White


Furbish Hibiscus

Furbish Magnolia

Furbish Silver Fern

Furbish Tropical

Create your own...

Artisan Series


Infinity Series


Anthology Series


Peppa Series





Caesar Mix

Caesar Nero

Caesar Grey

Caesar Blue


Brick Look...

Vecchio Broadway

Vecchio Central Park

Vecchio Wall Street

Vecchio Soho

Stacklock Argento

Stacklock Cenere

Stacklock Rame

Stocklock Vintage


Crayon Bianco

Crayon Caramel

Crayon Storm

Crayon Smoke

Crayon Charcoal


Picasso Classic Mid

Picasso Era

Picasso Flora Black

Picasso Rustic Mix

Picasso Norway Blue

Picasso Norway Teal

Picasso Star Black

Picasso Torian

Picasso Victory

Picasso Windsor

Da Vinci Florentine

Da Vinci Vaticano

Da Vinci Foglia

Da Vinci Milano

Da Vinci Napoli

Da Vinci Venetian

Da Vinci Cloissone

Da Vinci Cloissone

Picasso Shadow Navy Blue

Picasso Star Baby Blue

Picasso Shadow Pale Green

Da Vinci Perugia

Da Vinci Tuscana

Isabella Antique

Isabella Vintage

Isabella Retro

Doria Milos

Doria Mykonos

Valencia Carme

Valencia Jordana

Valencia Palmar

Valencia Remor

Valencia Sorolla

Valencia Turia


Varese Multi Colour

Varese Black and White

Tuscan Villa Mix 200×200


Ancient Russet

Ancient Aged Bronze

Ancient Burnished


Athens Teak Daisy

Carrara White Daisy

Greystone Daisy

Carrara Basket Weave


Essential Travertine

Essential Carrara

Porto Mosaic

Star Gloss Black

Star Gloss White

Carrara 100x100mm

Arabia Silver Pattern Hex Mosaic

Arabia Blue Pattern Hex


Sublime Blue Mosaic

Sublime Silver Mosaic

Poppy Flower Gloss White Mosaic

Poppy Gloss Black Mosaic


Dots White

Dots Flamingo

Dots Black

Sticks Aquamar

Sticks Flamingo

Sticks White

Penny Round

Penny Round White

Penny Round Black


Hex White 51mm

Hex White 23mm

Hex Black 51mm

Hex Black 23mm

Carrara White Hex

Zellige Hex

Depth Blu Hexagon

Depth Grafite Hexagon

Depth Grigio Hexagon

Depth Perla Hexagon


Carrara White Herringbone

Crema Marfil Herringbone


Tiffany Desert White

Tiffany Palm White Matt

Tiffany Palm Copper Matt



Winter Diamond White Wall

Winter Rectangle Mix White Wall

Desert White Wall

Float Black Wall

Tiffany Fan White Matt Wall

Snow White Chevron Wall

Firenze & Siena

Circle White Gloss

Tiffany Fan Blue Matt Wall

Halo Night Decor Gloss

Bridgerton Frangipani Gloss

Lucciola Yeso

Lucciola Bronce

Lucciola Menta

Lucciola Azul

Colcha Blue

Colcha Yellow


Beyond Basketweave

Beyond Chevron

Beyond Diamonte

Beyond Royal

Razor Decor Black

Razor Decor Snow

Razor Parma

Razor Sky

Razor Charcoal

Razor Jungle

Tropical Beige Decor

Tropical Blue Decor

Tropical Green Decor

Tropical Off White Decor


La Onda Wave Black

La Onda Wave Blue Reef

La Onda Wave Grey Owl

La Onda Wave Moody Blue

La Onda Wave Mint

La Onda Wave Old Cream

La Onda Primrose Pink

La Onda Wave Teal Grassy

La Onda Wave White


Divine Travertine Silver Crazy Pave

Divine Travertine Bianco Crazy Pave

Belgium Blu Crazy Pave

Dresden Sandstone Crazy Pave

Alassio Grigio Crazy Pave

Alassio Light Crazy Pave

Yellowstone Light Crazy Pave

Yellowstone Beige Crazy Pave

Yellowstone Silver Crazy Pave

Zumaya White Crazy Pave

Zumaya Blue Crazy Pave

Zumaya Black Crazy Pave

Zumaya Beige Crazy Pave