Porcelain pavers are an extremely durable option made from very fine, dense clay – fired at higher temperatures than other varieties of outdoor tiles and pavers. Colours run right throughout the porcelain pavers, meaning that they will stay the same colour after many years of use.

Here are some benefits of Porcelain Pavers to take into consideration:

• Porcelain Pavers can be sand set or mortar set like any other Paving product in the market
• Porcelain Pavers do not require Sealer application like other Paving Products do.
• Porcelain Pavers do not stain and are resistant to mold and mildew.
• Porcelain Pavers will not have color fading due to weather and rain.
• Porcelain Pavers are anti slip.
• Porcelain Pavers come in natural stone designs without the high cost of natural stones.
• Porcelain Pavers have a high load-bearing capacity and a strong resistance to breakage.

Some of the different items that we carry for renovations include:

  • Bathroom Tiles

    huge range of wall and floor tiles in a variety of different colour, finish, size and style options.

  • Splashback Tiles

    great for bathroom walls in areas such as behind the basin or around the bath that are likely to get splashed with water a lot.

  • Feature Tiles

    we carry a lot of different patterns, colours and shapes to add extra personality to your new bathroom, including mosaics and hand-crafted tiles.

  • Tools and Equipment

    we carry all the stuff you’ll need to install the tiles yourself including glues and mixers.

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20mm pavers

Pewter Stone Light Grey

Pewter Stone Dark Grey

Bravos Anthracite

Bravos Greige

Bravos Grigio

Bravos Ivory

Asphalt Black

Asphalt Grey

Eden Ivory

Eden Silver

Shelly Beach Grey

Shelly Beach Natural

Moonscape Grigio

Moonscape Perla

Silverstone Light

Silverstone Beige

Silverstone Cinder

Silverstone Graphite

Wonder Grey

Wonder White

Dejavu Charcoal

Dejavu White

Dejavu Cream

Dejavu Grey

Broome Grey

Broome Silver

Broome Charcoal


Dexter Grey

Dexter Beige

Yellowstone Light

Yellowstone Beige

Yellowstone Silver


Pathway Grey

Pathway Beige

Pathway Ivory

Pathway Storm

Season White Bullnose

Season Beige Bullnose

Season Silver Bullnose

Eden Ivory Bullnose

Eden Silver Bullnose

Divine Travertine Silver

Divine Travertine Bianco

Prime Beige

Prime Grigio

Prime Pearl

Wonder Grey

Wonder White

Broome Grey

Broome Silver

Broome Charcoal


Dexter Grey

Dexter Beige

Marche Bianco

Marche Perla


Divine Travertine Silver Crazy Pave

Divine Travertine Bianco Crazy Pave

Belgium Blu Crazy Pave

Dresden Sandstone Crazy Pave

Alassio Grigio Crazy Pave

Alassio Light Crazy Pave

Yellowstone Light Crazy Pave

Yellowstone Beige Crazy Pave

Yellowstone Silver Crazy Pave

Zumaya White Crazy Pave

Zumaya Blue Crazy Pave

Zumaya Black Crazy Pave

Zumaya Beige Crazy Pave

Pool Mosaic 47x47mm

Hideaway Alpine Silver Frost Matt

Hideaway Alpine Sukabumi Green Mosaic

Hideaway Alpine Grey Mosaic

Hideaway Alpine Bluestone Mosaic

Hideaway Alpine Light Grey Mosaic

Hideaway Alpine Coral Blue Mosaic

Celadon White Mosaic

Celedon Graphite Mosaic

Celadon Aqua Mosaic

Celadon Emerald Mosaic

Celadon Mint Mosaic

Celadon Cobalt Blue Mosaic

Cobalt Royal Blue Mosaic

Celadon Azure Mosaic

Gloss White Mosaic

Gloss Sage Mosaic

Gloss Forest Green Mosaic

Gloss Charcoal Shadow Mosaic

Gloss Steel Grey Mosaic

Gloss Light Cobalt Blue Mosaic

Gloss Sapphire Mosaic

Gloss Sky Blue Mosaic

Gloss Royal Blue Mosaic

Gloss Ultra Marine Mosaic

Gloss Teal Mosaic

Gloss Lagoon Blue Mosaic

Gloss Aqua Mosaic

Gloss Azure Blue Mosaic

Pool Mosaic 25x25mm

Pool Safe Blue Violet Glass Mosaic

Daydream Island Glass Mosaic

Pool Safe Florida Blue Glass Mosaic

Fraser Island Glass Mosaic

Hamilton Island Pool Mosaic

Pool Safe Hoki Blue Glass Mosaic

Hayman Island Glass Mosaic

Pool Safe Kool Mint Glass Mosaic

Pool Safe Light Grey Glass Mosaic

Pool Safe Miami Sky Blue Glass Mosaic

Pool Safe Marine Blue Glass Mosaic

Moreton Island Glass Mosaic

Pool Safe Noosa White Glass Mosaic

Pool Safe Persian Blue Glass Mosaic

Pool Safe Slate Grey Glass Mosaic

Pool Safe Tiffany Blue Glass Mosaic

Pool Safe Valley Grey Glass Mosaic


Fingers White

Fingers Black

Fingers Light Blue Speckle

Fingers Dark Blue Speckle

Fingers Light Grey Speckle

Fingers Beige Speckle

Kit Kat

Bamboo Grey

Bamboo Opal

Bamboo Jade

Bamboo Mint

Bamboo White

Kit Kat Gloss Black

waterline ideas

Agadir Agua

Hammond Grey

Pool Safe Tiffany Blue

Scale Shell Garden

Pearl Black Onyx Glass Mosaic

Pearl Jade Green Glass Mosaic

Jade Gloss 47mm Mosaic

Razor Jungle